In India, estimates of yield rates of principal food and non-food crops are obtained on the basis of crop cutting experiments conducted in majority of States/Union Territories (UTs) under the National Programme of General Crop Estimation Survey (GCES). At present, over 95 per cent of the production of food grains is estimated on the basis of yield rates obtained from the crop cutting experiments conducted on scientific basis spread over 29 States / UTs. The Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India releases estimates of area, production and yield in respect of principal crops of food grains, oilseeds, sugarcane, fibers and important commercial and horticulture crops. These crops all together account for nearly 87 per cent of agriculture output. The estimates of crop production are obtained by multiplication of yield estimates with area estimates. Therefore, the estimates of area and yield rates assume prime importance in the entire gamut of agricultural statistics. The need for timely, reliable and comprehensive statistics on area and crop production assumes special significance in view of the vital role played by the Agricultural Sector in the Indian Economy. But due to many reasons in large scale surveys, the data quality is declining as there was increase in occurrence of many types of non-sampling errors during collection, tabulation and cleaning stages. To overcome these kind of problems and to reduce the cost of data collection, ICAR-IASRI team under the project entitled “Pilot study for developing state level estimates of crop area and production on the basis of sample sizes recommended by Professor Vaidyanathan Committee report (funded by Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India)”, has developed Android Based Mobile Application for data collection. This application is known as Mobile Assisted Personal Interview (MAPI).

These days smart phones (Android Phones) have become very common and popular and are being used by almost everyone in the country. People have also become accustomed with the use of smart phones. MAPI software has been developed in android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean)and inbuilt database support named Sqlite Database, which supports average models of android mobile phones and PDAs. MAPI has built in android eclipse software which generates .apk (android package kit) file for installation as per the device requirement. This software named Mobile Assisted Personal Interview MAPI has been developed to collect the data for crop area, yield, production and other demographic and social information of the area under consideration. The questionnaires are developed in ICAR-IASRI as per the requirement of the project. For other customized surveys the developed software can be modified based on the request of the user. For access to the collected data, MS Excel file can be generated directly from the software and can be accessed from the phone memory or can be uploaded to any kind of cloud storage (i.e. drop box, google drive, etc.). For security of data users have to register themselves with the software before using it. The registration can be done using a valid email id. This feature maintains the confidentiality of the data. Further, to verify the actual data collection event, a provision has been made in the questionnaire to record the GPS location and snapshot of the field where the survey is actually done. Likewise, there are many features in this software which improve the quality of the data.

This App can be downloaded free of cost on any Android mobile using the following steps.......

1. In your android mobile, open this page you are viewing in your PC/laptop.

2. This can be opened by clicking at on your mobile.

3. If the above link doesn't open, then copy and paste in the browser of your mobile.

4. Download this app by clicking